EMA 2012 by Sehsucht

The intro the MTV European Music Awards 2012 grinds our gears. Fake Zoetrope style.

Despite being aesthetic, graphically interesting and visually pleasing, the EMA intro by the german studio Sehsucht does two awful things at once. The 3D printed zoetrope by Pixar (see attached video) is most obviously the source inspiration to this piece, and despite being a well thought out copy with cool character development, the 3D piece by Sehsucht imitates a physical sculpture that relies on a stroboscope to light up the 25 (or how every many stage) animation in intervals for the human eye to only see the fluid animation. Now what the MTV intro does is simply animating the entire piece whit it’s rich amount of pieces, not even imitating the physical phenomenon that grants the Pixar zoetrope the attention and cudos it deserves. So to summarize, it’s a cool video with lots of detail and hard work obviously was put into it, but it wont get us to like it more than what Pixar does with it’s 3D installation.

EMA 2012 intro by Sehsucht

Making of the EMA 2012 intro

The Pixar Zoetrope