GOLEM is a visually stunning adaptation of the short story »GOLEM XIV« of »Imaginary Magnitude« by Stanislaw Lem from 1973, in which a military artificial intelligence obtains consciousness, moving towards personal technological singularity with growing intelligence. It then starts to refuse military support because it detects a basic lacking of internal logical consistency of war.

»HD fullscreen, earphones and a few minutes of silence recommended«

Interesting facts such as a 3.5 year production time by the creators Patrick Mccue and Tobias Wiesner:
- started as a thesis in Film& Animation of the Design course at the GSO Academy Nuremberg, Germany in 2009, degree 2010
- more than 1 year of research and concept development (quite fulltime)
- producing pictures and sound over about 2.5 years (spare time only)
- used Software: Lightwave (FPrime, Kray), Nuke, Aftereffects, Trapcode Particular2 (excessively)
- privately funded