Damn you Saatchi & Saatchi and your 16 sound and light manipulating quadrocopters at your New Director’s Showcase 2012!

At the 22th annual New Director’s Showcase in Cannes, Saatchi & Saatchi gathered specialist involved with Quadrotors and wizardry. In a virtually previsualized environment, 16 Quadrotors were outfitted with mirrors which could reflect light shined at them by tracking lights from below. The entire list of people involved is huge and shows how much development went into the programming of both xpress and coffee to make the simulations possible.


Witness the flight of the quadrotors; dancing before us in a light-beam drenched ballet choreographed to the heavenly arpeggios of OneOhtrix point never.«

The Show

Screenshot of the test simulation in C4D. The only thing not computable was the air turbulences of the final show.

View of the xpresso script developed

The track


Behind the scenes clip showing the tracking capabilities of the light rig