Truecartier – generative jewelry

»Truecartier is an ongoing jewelry project that explores form and luxury. By using audio data recorded at luxurious jewelry stores in NYC, with the use of generative algorithms and parametric design, the rings in the collection take forms that are unique to its environment…

Luxury can be a very loose term, but culture and media have created archetypes that tie the word to brands, life style and money. With the easy access to social media and globalism that small designers have today, it’s possible to think that luxury can be redefined. With this in mind, The Truecartier Collection seeks to provoke conversations about the nature of luxury, what means to have a retail store in 5th Avenue in New York City, by asking the following question: What will a ring from Cartier look like if the sounds from its own 5th Avenue luxury store took the form of a ring? Would it be unexpected? Luxurious? What hidden characteristics could the form express about the culture of that brand?«

Gathered soundscapes from Cartier stores in NYC are entered as audio data into rhino

The generated rhino script allows the data to be visualized and manipulated in 3D space

The final 3D models were then printed in stainless steel and plated gold

The idea of capturing an untangentable part of a space and saving it in haptic form is truly philosophical and should have been a bigger part of this project’s design and it’s presentation. It seems to be a realistic use of generative design in an industry where above all else, a product needs to be unique. A great project by computational designer Alvaro Soto. A selection of these rings is said to soon be available at shapeways.

Check out for more information
As well as their Flickr page for more renders and initial stages of the project.